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How to turn on/off the flashing LED on your FMX Antenna

(This works only on the FMX antennas.)

To do this you’ll need to:

  • Tap the button on the antenna first to “wake” it up. This will be indicated by a quick red light.
  • Hold the button for 15-20 seconds, a red light will turn on and will go away after about 10 seconds, keep holding the button until you receive a green light (LED on) and then you tap the button once, giving a red light (LED off).
  • When you arm the system again, the blue flashing LED should now be off.
  • To turn the flashing LED back ON, you'll need to do the same steps only this time after holding the button, the red LED will go away, then come back indicating that the blue LED is OFF. Then you'll tap once more to make it green, indicating that the flashing blue LED is back on.
  • You can confirm that the blue LED is on by arming/locking your vehicle with your Compustar remote.  
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