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Can I pay for a new subscription plan before the expiration date? Will I lose my current service?

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Yes, you can pay for service before the expiration date. In fact, it is preferred to pay ahead of time in order to avoid the $35 reactivation fee.

When paying for the subscription ahead of time you will not lose any of the time on your current service, if you purchase the same level of service..

  • Ex. If your basic service plan is set to expire on 5/15/2015. You purchase a 1 year basic plan on 5/3/15. The 1 year of service will stack on top of the current service plan making the new expiration 5/15/2016. 

However, if you upgrade from the basic service to the premium service you will lose the remaining time left on your service plan.

  • Ex. If your basic service plan is set to expire on 5/15/2015. You purchase a 1 year premium plan on 5/3/15. The 1 year of premium service will start right then and will expire 5/3/16. In this case you will lose the rest of the basic service plan that was on the unit.

Thank you.

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  • Avatar
    Thumper Pup

    is their any leway on service plans such as if i miss renewing before my subcriction expires say by like 1 week or even the day after it expires am i still going to be paying a 35 dollar activation fee ? 

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  • Avatar
    Dan S

    Hi Thumper Pup,

    The first time it happens, you will have 48hrs to give us a call and we will remove it.

    If it happens more than once, we will not be able to remove it from your account.


    Thank you and have a beautiful day!

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