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How to enter Reservation Mode?

Reservation mode must be set in order to remote start a manual transmission vehicle. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  1. While the vehicle is running place the transmission into neutral, set the emergency brake, and then remove pressure from the foot brake.
  2. Remove the vehicle key from the ignition. If done properly the engine will continue to run after the key has been removed.
  3. Exit the vehicle and close the door. The vehicle's engine should shut off on its own within 10 seconds of closing all of the doors. 
  4. Once the vehicle shuts off your system will be in reservation mode and is ready to safely remote start.

NOTE: Remember to set this every time you would like to remote start your vehicle. The transmission must be left in the neutral position, the vehicle's windows must be rolled up, and the door pins must be in working order. The vehicle will automatically lock/arm the vehicle when entering reservation mode.


Thank you.

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  • Avatar
    Jake V



    I did these steps yet my 1 way remote still wouldn't start my car.

    I'm hoping to get this working before winter comes and change the duration of my turbo timer after departing from my car.

    It currently runs after key is out of the ignition for 10sec and shuts off I was looking forward to changing the duration of the turbo timer for at least a good minute

    and to have the starter to work as well.



  • Avatar
    Dan S

    Hi Jake,

    If this procedure is not working, there must be a misconfiguration inside the brain module. Although this is not a common issue, you will need to bring it back to the installer. They will be able to reflash and reconfigure Reservation Mode on the module.


    Once that clears, the tech will be able to set the Turbo timer for up to 4 minutes.

    Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience