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Is there a battery draw on my vehicle from the Compustar system?

In order to provide premium features such as remote start confirmation and security alerts, Compustar systems draw small amounts of power from the vehicle's battery throughout the day. Modern vehicles charge batteries when the vehicle is driven and the power used by the Compustar system is quickly restored.

If the vehicle is not used for an extended period, the battery may deplete and become inoperable. For this reason, we recommended starting the vehicle weekly.

If you feel that the power draw on your vehicle is of concern, we recommend contacting your authorized Compustar dealer for assistance. A certified technician may confirm that the unit is functioning properly and, if necessary, a backup battery for the Compustar system may be installed.


Thank you.

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    Bill Sporing

    How do i find out if the security system is the problem

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    Steve Johnson

    I have roughly an additional 57ma battery draw (compared to 8 ma total from the vehicle) using a 901 with a drone and if undriven or uncharged, the car battery will last about 2-3 days.  Obviously the draw is excessive in general, but what is the expected draw using this setup? 

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    Steve Johnson

    Bill, easiest way is to disconect the system.  For mine, i just pulled the two fuses coming from the brain.  Either do a before and after with a draw test, or just leave it disconnected for a few days and see if you notice a change.

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    Casey Curcio

    2015 Toyota Tundra - Excessive current draw issue:  CM7200 / Blade AL / Drone Mobile / G6 remote package.

    unit all plugged in .176

    unplug Drone .112

    unplug everything else .076

    I know that figure is still high for a Parasitic current draw issue, however,  .1A drop the brain and associated accessories is also very high. any idea why this current consumption is so much? 


    Any thoughts / help greatly appreciated.


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    Dan S

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for comment! The numbers are within the correct ranges. The system is consuming all this energy when it boots up. The Drone will attempt to get a signal, so it will also consume that amount of power.

    Now, if you would like to really test the system, wait about 30-45min after plugging everything and then attempt to get a reading. The numbers should drop in half.

    If the numbers are the same, then we could look into other options.


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