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My Push-To-Start vehicle shuts off as soon as I open the door, is there a way to stop this?

Following remote start, many Push-To-Start (PTS) vehicles will automatically shut off as soon as the door is opened. This is used as a safety feature. However, for many vehicles there is a take over procedure that will allow the vehicle to continue running from remote start through drive. Please follow the link below for more information.   

Take over procedure for PTS

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    I installed a 1wg6r on my 2015 mazda3 but as soon as I open the door the car shuts off. How can i disable this?

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    Chelsea Q

    You have to unlock the doors with the same remote starter rather than using the regular key fob and or the door handle unlock.

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    Rameez Ali Latif

    i have the same problem i have a toyota camry 2012
    and whenever i opwn my door the car turns off and i have go return it on again which i think , whats the point of having one then.
    anyone know how to bypass this.
    i would HIGHLY APPRICIATE IT!!:)

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    J Orte

    It doesn't seem to be safety measure, but rather a limitation. I'm saying that because other cars that don't have the issue don't offer it as an option either.

    Here are my 2 cents: The problem is more related the Bypass Module used by the Remote Start. The common bypass brands are Fortin, iDataLink/FlashLogic and DirecTechs. iDataLink seems more forecoming and some of its documentation discloses that "takeover" limitation, where the car will shut off when the door opens. One example is the recent 14-18 Honda cars with Push to Start.

    Some people may say theirs works fine, but fail to mention the year model or if it has push to start button. The cars that are not PTS are not likely to have the issue.

    The nature of the problem is that car manufacturers don't disclose the technical info to the Bypass manufacturers. So, they have to reverse ingineer the security mechanism to turn on the car and are just some 95% successful. In some cases, the car manufacturers make it impossible, such as the latest Honda models with PST. Watch the video in the link, the guy is using the original Honda remote control, which tells me the van has the original Honda remote starter and still the it shuts off when the door opens.


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    Thumper Pup

    I had my CS920-S unit installed today at Best Buy along with the Dron MObile unit 

    The tech did not seem very knoleagable of this unit or my car almost made me worry 

    but i still had him instal it 

    is it correct that the 2007 Lexus ES350 does not allow for the take over feature? or is their a specific take over feature for this ? 

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    Dan S

    Hi Thumper Pup,

    The technician at Best Buy was correct, there's no Takeover procedure for your vehicle.

    Lexus's firmware contains encrypted codes that are not available to us. Without them, the system can't validate the key is inside the vehicle, therefore the vehicle will shut down and require a 2nd start upon door opening.


    Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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