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My Push-To-Start vehicle shuts off as soon as I open the door, is there a way to stop this?

Following remote start, many Push-To-Start (PTS) vehicles will automatically shut off as soon as the door is opened. This is used as a safety feature. However, for many vehicles there is a take over procedure that will allow the vehicle to continue running from remote start through drive. Please follow the link below for more information.   

Take over procedure for PTS

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    I installed a 1wg6r on my 2015 mazda3 but as soon as I open the door the car shuts off. How can i disable this?

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    Chelsea Q

    You have to unlock the doors with the same remote starter rather than using the regular key fob and or the door handle unlock.

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    Rameez Ali Latif

    i have the same problem i have a toyota camry 2012
    and whenever i opwn my door the car turns off and i have go return it on again which i think , whats the point of having one then.
    anyone know how to bypass this.
    i would HIGHLY APPRICIATE IT!!:)

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