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How to program a remote to a Push-To-Start vehicle?

In order to program a Compustar remote to a Push-To-Start (PTS) vehicle you must:

  • Press and release the start or ignition on button 15 times.
  • Immediately following the press button 'cycle' press and release the lock button on the remote.


  • The push button must be pressed consistently at about 1/2 second intervals. 
  • During this process the engine will not be started at any time.
  • Be sure not to press the foot brake down at any time during this process as it will cause your vehicle to start.

This process will work for most PTS vehicles. However, it may be more difficult to program remotes to both Honda and Toyota vehicles due to the speed at which the vehicle's ignition ignites. If you are unable to program a Honda or Toyota PTS through this process it is highly recommended to visit your original installer or any authorized dealer for assistance.


Check the following link for video instructions:

Compustar PTS Programming

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  • Avatar
    Kabiru Adekunle

    I am a locksmith an I have a Toyota venza 2016 model to program a new push to start remote how can I do it myself

  • Avatar
    Dan S

    Hi Kabiru,

    Please follow the steps on this video -
    Let me know the outcome. Thank you.

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