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What is the warranty policy for my Compustar system?

Compustar offers the industry standard for warranty coverage on all systems installed by an authorized dealer and/or retailer.

“Authorized Retailer” is defined by Firstech as a company who qualifies to purchase Firstech’s products directly from Firstech, LLC., or one of its approved distributors. Thus, products not sold nor installed by an “Authorized Dealer” are not covered by this warranty. This includes, but is not limited to, Firstech products sold on,, and

  • For Compustar Prime products (including 2-way remotes, 1-way remotes, and EZGO add-ons) a 1-year warranty applies.
  • For Compustar Pro products, this coverage is extended to a total of 3 years.
  • Control modules (otherwise known as "brains") professionally installed by an authorized dealer and not modified by any other parties are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Our warranty coverage, protects consumers against defects in material workmanship by the manufacturer. Damaged products are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

For installation and labor warranty, please contact your installer. 

For more information please reference our official warranty policy and terms by clicking on the link below.

Warranty Terms


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  • Avatar
    Thumper Pup

    wondering what does Compustar consider limited Lifetime warranty ?  like you can say something is lifetime but what exactly is it that is considered lifetime and what is limited about it being limited lifetime warrnaty 

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  • Avatar
    Dan S

    Hi Thumper Pup,

    Please go over our link to understand our warranty terms - 

    Thank you.

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