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Compustar remote beeps and the LCD screen reads 'hold'. How do I exit this mode?

When a Compustar LCD remote beeps and says 'hold' it means the remote is in a button lock or button hold mode. To exit please follow instructions below:

One button & Four button remotes:

  • Remove the battery, wait one minute, and reinsert the battery.

If this does not solve the issue:

  • Hold the lock button down for about 4 seconds to take the remote out of hold. Once the remote is out, it should be functional or able to program to a system.

For Remotes with Function key - 

  • Press the ‘function’ or F key on the side of the remote down for 7-8 seconds.
  • The remote will beep at you and begin to function again.


NOTE - If you hold the "F" key longer than 8 seconds, it will turn the remote off. To turn back on, simply hold the function button down for 3 seconds. This should also exit the button hold mode. 


Thank you.

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    The function of hold is to prevent accidental unlock or start from remote getting bumped while in pocket or purse. It gets activated by function button ( top button on side) getting pushed in cot a couple seconds. To deactivate the hold push the function button for a few seconds til it beeps and goes back to normal operation. No need to remove battery on mine anyway.

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    Nuno Felix

    I have a 1BR-AM and just stopped working a couple of days ago. I replaced the batteries in the remote and still doesn't work. The little light on the remote it self still does what it used to do. But its not communicating with the car. Can't lock or unlock doors with it either. I tried unplugging the receiver waiting 30 secs and plugging it back on but nothing. Please advise.

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    Josh W.


    I apologize for the delay in a response.  Were you able to get the remote working?

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