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When attempting to use my 2WG5R-SH remote the LED flashes red at me and the remote does not work. How do I fix this?

When the LED on the 2WG5R-SH remote flashes red at you it means that you are in ‘2nd car mode’. Because of this the remote is attempting to communicate with a second vehicle that is not existent. In order to exit this mode:

  • Press and hold the unlock and trunk (buttons II and III) together for 2.5 seconds.

After doing this the LED should flash green and the remote will become functional again. If this does not seem to fix your issue, attempt to replace the battery on the remote and try again.

Note: You must be within range of the vehicle, the vehicle's engine should be shut off, and the alarm should be disarmed. 

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  • Avatar
    bill shure

    This was the answer I needed! Thanks a million!

    I bought a new battery and could not figure-out for the life of me why when I tried to start my vehicle that the remote kept blinking red.
    I checked the manual & there was nothing I found that related to this particular issue.

    Thanks to the Compustar Support forum I'm back-up & running!

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  • Avatar
    OPTIMA 881

    is there any service copustar near in Saudi Arabia??

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  • Avatar
    Carmelo Rodriguez

    It works!  I followed your instruction and now can use my remote start for my car.  Thanks for the posting the instructions. 

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