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When attempting to program a remote to my vehicle I do not hear 'clicking' sounds and my remote will not program; what do I do?

Article outdated since 1/1/2017. We will be posting an updated version shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.


Follow the steps listed below to program a new remote to your vehicle or reprogram your current remote:

  1. Insert your vehicle key into the ignition and cycle the key to the 'ON' position and back to the 'OFF' position a total of five times within seven seconds. (Do not start the engine, simply move the key to the final position before start)
  2. Immediately following the key cycle press and release the lock button or button I. Do not hold this button down. 

Following step 1 you should hear clicking sounds coming from underneath the dashboard. This noise is the Compustar system acknowledging that you have entered programming mode. If you do not hear this sound and are unable to program a remote to your system, follow the instructions below for help:

  • Close all doors, the trunk, and the hood.
  • First of all be sure that when turning the key to the 'ON' position you are moving it as far forward as possible before the engine crank. You must move past the 'ACC' position and energize the ignition. 
  • Attempt to energize the ignition more than 5 times. Cycle the key 6 or 7 times quickly to see if this will activate the programming mode.

If you are unable to get the vehicle to enter programming mode, there is no response from your system after step 1, and none of your remotes are working properly there may be issues going on with your Compustar unit. Please visit an authorized dealer or your original installer for assistance.


Thank you.

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    Gail Ann Lingbeek

    The word HOLD shows on my remote and the vehicle won't start. What do I do?

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    Kylene O.

    Gail, if your remote is in 'HOLD', you would need to hold the lock button down for about 4 seconds to take the remote out.  Once the remote is out, it should be functional or able to program to a system.

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